Transmedia: The Lord of the Rings

Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story. (Jenkins,2007 ) When I was younger, I had a Care Bears book that... Continue Reading →


Everything is a Remix

In this weeks lecture we studied remix culture and the notion of mashup and remix. Remix culture has been revolutionary through the emergence of technology, remixing music has become an interest being undertaken more frequently being apart of everyday life and being classified as, anything can be a remix. In my research I found that... Continue Reading →

This post may aswell be famous…

Andy Warhol was a public figure that was noticed by a vast majority of the world. Not only did he get noticed for what he was formerly known for, being a celebrated pop-artist, focusing on everyday objects such as the Campbell soup can, but his acquisition of fame happened notably towards the end of his career, his fascination... Continue Reading →

iPhone vs Android

Considering there are over 1.08 Billion Smartphone users Worldwide, it is safe to say that we have become a generation that love gadgets. I have fallen for the stereotypical propaganda 'to be up-to-date' with society’s standards, you must own an iPhone or Android device. I however, am bias when it comes to the ongoing war... Continue Reading →

3D Printing vs Copyright

If there is a design of a coffee cup for example and I wish to modify it and print it, would I be breaking the law? This question has been asked several times by designers but there are issues that can be involved when you do 3D print. If I say I want to print a... Continue Reading →

“The Medium is the Message”

My Meme on "The medium is the message" Marshall McLuhan theory "The medium is the message"  has had people confused for decades on whether "the medium is the message" or if "the message is the medium." The quote itself is confusing and McLuhan hasn't made his point clear, the first point Marshall Mcluhan made was that... Continue Reading →

Current Media Anxieties The media has formed different anxieties about the negative outcomes it has on its consumers. In today’s society current mass media production is being debated on whether the media is victimising children into behaving violently. Albert Bandura's theory suggests that the children are taught violence by their surroundings. In Albert Bandura's social learning theory, children observe the... Continue Reading →

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