Brand Focus: Red Bull

How many of you have ever consumed a Red bull? whether it be mixed with vodka on a Friday, Saturday night or it’s the ritual “daily grind” when coffee just isn’t enough for students to get through their day/ week?red-bull-1040181

As we are ambitious and want to perform to our best, Red bull positions itself to align  with our culture/subculture aspects saying that you can live life to your fullest if you drink Red bull, hence why they associate themselves with extreme sports showing how adventurous they are as a brand. By doing this it shows us, the consumer, that “limits do not test themselves” and “the sky is the limit” promoting the idea that you can do ANYTHING while drinking a Red bull.

Red Bull knows that their target audience shares a positive motivation and have the same type of need, which is the need for an energy boost. Red Bull’s marketing strategy is associating the product with an event such as Formula 1, Grand Prix, Skiing, Surfing and other extreme sports where attitudes of like-minded consumers are the same as the brands message. All of these sports have certain things in common such as courageousness, speed and adrenaline which require a boost of energy, which reinforces motivation and a need for energy in the mind of the consumer.

The company’s brand slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”, “engaged over 7 million people via social media with over 8 million viewers who watched the live stream of the skydive resulting in priceless exposure for the Red Bull brand”

Although all the activities are around high energy, there are “two brand personalities that live side-by-side. One is the  athlete excelling in difficult challenges. The other is a fun-loving, humorous, whimsical personality as represented by much of their “Red Bull gives you wings” advertising and humorous cartoon videos on their website.” (Brand and Marketing Consultancy | Prophet, 2018)

Red Bull has become the market leader, sitting in consumer’s evoked set amongst energy drinks.  As a result of its advertising and composition to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. the consumer has situated the brand as having status, self-respect and prestige when consuming this product. With the use of opinion leaders which are well-known individuals or organisation’s that have the ability to influence public opinion on the subject matter, in this case Red Bull who have over 250 athletes under contract, which they use to promote the product.

Red Bull’s business strategy is product differentiation as Red Bull is a premium energy drink. Accordingly, Red Bull energy drinks are generally more expensive compared to other energy drinks such as Monster, Rockstar and V. “Customers are charged additionally for augmented benefits of Red Bull consumption that include the perception of leading a full and active lifestyle and enhancing mental and physical performance. “ (Dudovskiy, 2018) Red Bull has also gained a competitive advantage by introducing new flavours to suit a diversity of consumers. For example, sugar free, zero calories and their edition cans which new flavours are introduced to the market periodically.

In conclusion, Red Bull has become the market leader in the energy drink sector, which resulted by their advertising scheme and a thorough understanding of their target audience need.


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