Research Proposal Update: UOW Parking

Parking at UOW has considerably gotten progressively worse over the course of my time at UOW. My research is to help find a solution on how this issue can be resolved efficiently which is where I’ll be receiving the help from students and faculty who attend UOW.

I will be curating multiple surveys and posting them in only UOW Facebook pages and on the big spreadsheet located in the BCM212 moodle page. I will be only focusing on students who attend UOW, this is to help receive a clear indication on what they believe the problem is and how we can come up with a solution. Once the surveys are completed and I have received a substantial amount of responses I will then hold focus groups which will further my understanding on the frustrations based around parking.

The focus groups is where the students will be able to elaborate on their answers where all the questions will be open ended, in comparison to the surveys where they are all closed ended questions. Gaining information from both quantitative and qualitative research will gain a better understanding as I will be broadening the research and allowing students to also voice their concerns and opinions about the issue.

In reference to keeping on track throughout the duration of this semester I have struggled as I work full time and study part time. Trying to find the balance between study/ work and life is difficult. This is the only barrier I am currently facing when it comes to meeting tasks on their deadline in accordance to the gannt chart which I constructed for the development phase of this research proposal.

However, I do feel passionately about this topic as it has effected me since 2015. I do hope to find a solution which is worthy enough to raise to the university. There are 23,000 students and teachers who attend UOW and the parking only caters for a quarter of the cohort.

Lets try and make a difference, please complete my surveys if seen in any of the uow Facebook pages. It will help my research dramatically, the more opinions the better.



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