Driving vs. Public Transport

At the start of every session at UOW the traffic on Mount Ousley has always been unnecessary. I have been at UOW since 2015 and the increase in traffic this year has become out of hand, with traffic directors trying to control the situation by directing traffic away from the university and for students and teachers to drive the long way around the block. (I personally think they are making the situation worse). “23,000 students and teachers have now joined The Hunger Games fighting for the 3,000 spots available on campus.”

Curiosity starts to play on my mind as I think, is it worth waiting in traffic for 30 minutes every Wednesday to be late to class every week, when there might be other options available?

For me, driving is convenient which is why I drive, I don’t need to rely on a public transport timetable which may not suite around me. However, can I justify spending $6 return from Sutherland to Wollongong UOW every Wednesday to avoid the traffic and the ongoing expense of driving a car down to uni? I wonder if other students are also having this dilemma.

This semester I will be undertaking a personal experiment to take public transport to UOW and to make a conscious effort to be unbiased so I can understand both methods of travel. Taking down notes of the pros and cons of both driving and public transport and if cost is the only stigma associated with driving.

Driving vs. public transport the pros and cons are endless and I want to know where the student body stands as I sit on the fence with this issue. The reasons why they might use public transport vs. reasons why they drive to UOW.

For example, questions I will be considering throughout my research

  • Can the university offer free shuttle busses from the Botanic Gardens which is a popular free parking spot for most UOW students?
  • Why do students drive?
  • Why don’t students take use of the low cost public transport which is available to all UOW students
  • UOW parking, is it too expensive?
  • Infrequent trains from destination to Wollongong etc.
  • Students thoughts on the development of the apartments which surround UOW, should UOW consider developing another parking stack?
  • Should UOW offer parking permits to fulltime students?

In my research, I will be conducting numerous quantitative research; surveys will be the basis of this research, which will consist of closed ended questions. I will then further my study by using qualitative, which will include face to face focus groups with university students. The open-ended questions will allow the interviewee to answer these questions freely. This will consist of the ideologies suggested above as well as the data collected from the surveys.

Overall, I want to understand the students reasoning behind the driving vs. public transport debate and what the solution behind this ongoing issue may be.





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