BCM212: Research Report Update

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow up on my previous post for BCM212 relating to my research proposal. The Impact of Social Media on the Female Body Image. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a vast amount of progress on this assignment.

The question I proposed to the audience was:

“Do you think social media is impacting your body image?” Further questions were also asked throughout the survey: “Does the media play an active role in influencing a female’s body image?”

My focus will be on one platform; Instagram and how this media platform shapes the minds of young females with their dissatisfied appearance and is the media to blame? I also question how does instagram perceive the idea of certain lifestyles using trends, micro-celebrities and hashtags to capture the minds of adolescents.

Firstly, my research begins with a survey which consists of various questions which pinpoints particular media platforms that have mainly contributed to body image issues. The survey also focuses on the impact and who impacts you? I choose firstly to begin my research with a survey on surveymonkey.com

My Survey is still in the development stage, however, I’m still gathering knowledge from secondary sources of data from the internet, to see how the media has perceived this topic. Once I publish my survey it will be shared on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get the most accurate answer.

This survey will be the main focus of my primary data analysis, as well as focus group discussions which will have a variety of people that use different social media platforms and how these platforms affect them.

I will continue to update you on the progress of this research report in the future.

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