Transmedia: The Lord of the Rings

Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story. (Jenkins,2007 )

When I was younger, I had a Care Bears book that came with a CD for sing-along songs and a VHS video I could watch while I read (it also came with a cute stuffed Care Bear—Good Luck Bear. This was in the year 2000, long before e-books, tablets, and mobile apps and games. Since then Transmedia storytelling has grown immensely One of the more popular and well-known uses of transmedia storytelling is The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings is a 1950s epic high fantasy trilogy that has, over the years, expanded into various genres and media platforms. Lord of the Rings transmedia has crossed over into platforms such as video games, board games, mobile games, card games, comics, cartoons, films, songs, and internet memes (“One does not simply walk into Mordor,” etc.). There is also merchandise, like official The Lord of the Rings swords—even wedding jewelry made in the likeness of the “one ring to rule them all.” As movies based on the trilogy continue to be made, the success of Lord of the RIngs transmedia also continues to rise.

There is also the rising of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Like The Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter crossed numerous genres and media platforms – games, films, clothing, merchandise, cookbooks, and even Rowling’s own website, Pottermore.


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