The Drone Effect

The convergence of drones has been escalating in recent years especially in the media and in America to capture information and broadcast live news from war zones in Afghanistan etc. Drones have had a large impact on society as people fear the media will push the laws to seizure a moment and create a big head line. Citizens privacy is also at stake and certain laws are in place to protect them.

Different people have had different perspectives on Drones as some people don’t know what to expect as they are unsure of the technology but others are all for the change. Drones are a cheaper alternative to flying helicopters, they have multiple different uses than just capturing footage from above the ground, they can be involved in a search and rescue and weather analysis etc. The technology is only advancing and it is making an impact on our lives.


2 thoughts on “The Drone Effect

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  1. I found the article pretty interesting.

    One thing you might want to distinguish though, is whereabouts the laws you mentioned are enforced. As I wasn’t aware that Australia had put out legislation regarding drones.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog post, and the way that you have used a prezi as a source to support you intent of this post. Just wondering as to wear you have sourced all of this information from, as its such a great post and i would love to be able to look into it further. But besides this, great work!


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