“The Medium is the Message”

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My Meme on “The medium is the message”

Marshall McLuhan theory “The medium is the message”  has had people confused for decades on whether “the medium is the message” or if “the message is the medium.” The quote itself is confusing and McLuhan hasn’t made his point clear, the first point Marshall Mcluhan made was that “the medium through which a message is experienced shapes the user’s perception of the message.” The second point was that “a medium can be the message itself if it is delivering content that would otherwise be impossible to access.” This then made me realise that it isn’t the invention but the way we perceive an invention that helps us understand the message.

For example, “The well is our medium, and the water is our message. A rich and reliable well in the middle of the desert would naturally become the hub of travel routes and even a sustainable population. The water by itself is of no use without the well. If it were inaccessible or people were unaware of its existence, it could not support life. The well, as a medium, delivers water to the people passing by or living nearby. As a result, the well becomes synonymous with water and life, despite really being just a hole in the ground.”  http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/07/04/the-medium-is-the-message/




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